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Raspberry Pi laptop running Linux Mint:
The most current project occupying most of my spare time is getting Linux Mint to run on the Raspberry Pi 4 and building a laptop using the original Pi-Top
If you're interested in running Linux Mint on the Raspberry Pi 4,..
You can find my post for setting up the LMDE 5 packages HERE
My older posts for LMDE 4 packages can be found HERE and HERE
If you are interested in setting up the Raspberry Pi 4 in a laptop, as of me posting this, sparkfun still has a few of the original Pi-Top's in stock. HERE
There is a good article out there some where showing how to make it work with the Pi 4, I just can't find it right now.
It's really not difficult, you just have to source a few alternate cables for the USB C and Micro HDMI.

Other Projects:
Pi Server:
Currently running,...
Apache Web Server
Next Cloud

Pi Game and Media Console:
Currently housed in a Retroflag NESPi 4 case
Running Pixel Desktop, RetroPie and Kodi
Plans to change Kodi to OSMC soon.